Our Business Planning Process is quite simple. Here's How We Do It


1) First, we will have a conversation

with you to help us better understand

your business.


This is a critical step in the process.


We want to get a good understanding of

what you do and who your ideal customers are.


2) From there, we will go out and do some

market research so we can target what is

currently working in your marketplace.


3) Once we understand these two components,

we will formulate a plan get you massive exposure for your offer.


4) Next, we will contact the deal sites and submit your offer.


We will do everything we can to make sure your offer is a raving success.


After all, we do not get paid unless you get paid.

5) After we get your offer onto the first deal site …

We will plan out the yearly calendar for promoting your offer on

other deal sites as well.


Our relationship really takes off

after the successful completion of your first offer.

At that point, your have a deal that’s working!


Why not rinse and repeat?


The beauty of this business planning process

is that there is ZERO RISK for you.