7 Pet Books

What Pet Book Do YOU Want to Write?

Do you have just the coolest pet that ever walked the earth? Or maybe you’re grieving a pet you’ve lost?

Either way, there’s no better way to honor your pets than by creating a book around their antics, the good times you’ve shared, and the love they’ve brought into your life.

But … what if you don’t think of yourself as a writer? Or even if you do, what if you just can’t seem to get that book going?

What if you’ve started writing, but the project has gotten stalled and is going nowhere?

Don’t berate yourself—you’re in good company. Thousands of would-be pet authors never get past the dreaming stage. And untold numbers have stashed their half-finished manuscripts away, never to see the light of day.

Why is that? For many it’s the simple fact of the demands of daily life.

You tell yourself you’ll get started on it this evening. But evening comes, and other things crop up—phone calls, getting the kids to bed, planning your schedule for tomorrow, a TV show you can’t pass up … and suddenly you realize you’re too tired to start writing. Instead, you trundle off to bed.

It Feels Like Too Much Work!

You may have started your book, only to find yourself writing in circles. The memories crowd in, each one jumping on top of the one you were just thinking about, and you end up with a mishmash of half-told stories. 

Self-doubt creeps in—you ask yourself, who would want to read anything you might write?

Most pet parents aren’t professional writers, after all. But go out to lunch with them, and you find they sure can tell their pet stories!

It Takes More Than a Desire to Write Your Stories

A big part of the problem is that the desire to write isn’t enough to set you on the right track to get your book written. In addition to wanting to write, you need a plan for your book.

And, of course, you have to actually do the writing.

So maybe you sit down to write up an outline. And that brings back memories of grade school … and … it all begins to feel like just too much work.

What About Hiring a Ghostwriter?

A professional to write the book for you—that would be the ideal solution, right? Ah, but ghostwriters don’t come cheap. You can expect to spend at least $12,500 for a 100-page book, and over $30,000 for 250 pages. If you have that kind of budget, you can find a superb ghostwriter at https://awritetoknow.com/

Could There Be Another Way?

If you love telling your pet stories you’ve probably had people say, “You ought to write a book!” Wouldn’t it be great if you’d brought your laptop along and recorded that story into an automated dictation program? You’d have it written down, without having to write it!

Put a few stories together like that, and you’ll have a pet eBook, a pet magazine article, or a good start on a full-length pet book with the power to inform, inspire, or entertain other pet lovers.

What Do You Need?

What will you need to accomplish that? A computer, for starters, and an automated transcription program. And, to bring your pet story to life, you’ll need another pet lover who’s eager to listen, show interest, and respond.

Gone are the days when it took hours to train a dictation program to recognize your voice and speech patterns. Today’s speech recognition and transcription technologies make it easy to speak your book.

Once your story is transcribed, you’ll want to read it over and make corrections. Add a thought here and there, perhaps. Replace some of your uses of the word “great” with more descriptive words. Decide where to put the paragraph breaks.

But that’s child’s play compared to the daunting task of sitting down to set words to a blank screen or sheet of paper.

All You Need is a Plan … and a Coach

Unless you’ve honed your material through repeated telling over time, you’re going to need a roadmap to carry you from start to finish with grace. If your aim is to impart information, or if you’re writing a book for your pet business, you’ll want to pre-plan your opening, the best order for presenting your points, and how to sum it all up at the end. Otherwise, you’re going to have to delete repeated false starts and duplications and move paragraphs around a lot.

This isn’t brain surgery. It’s something anyone can do. The question is, will you do it?

Most people won’t. It sounds easy enough—anybody can run a dictation program, and all you have to do is speak! But the reality is that unless you’re a professional speaker, your delivery will be less than uniform and you’ll find the typed text peppered with words that weren’t what you said at all. And … it won’t punctuate or paragraph your dictation on its own. You have to supply that information, either while you’re speaking—which most people find impossible to do—or manually, after you finish your dictation.

But wait! Dictating your stories is still a viable option. What you need is a writing professional who’s a top-quality listener and has the expertise to get you started with a plan, get your stories transcribed for you, and make basic corrections to the text. Plus, once the transcription is complete, he or she can recommend what to edit out and show you how to put it all together into a book and get it published—or do that for you.

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