How does Pet Writes help you make a bigger difference with your animal stories?

If you’re an animal lover, then you know how stories of their antics, their courage, their love can lift you up and carry you away. Whether it’s Scooby Doo or Old Yeller or Marlie … Felix the Cat or Heathcliff … Black Beauty or Shadowfax … Flipper or Nemo …  once the story takes off, you’re a goner.

Am I right?

No doubt you have your own animal tales, about pets you’ve loved or animals you’ve worked with. If you can’t resist telling them, if the thrill of keeping an audience on the edge of their seat sends tingles up and down your spine, you’ve got it bad. You’re a natural storyteller. And you’ve come to the right place to use your stories to make a bigger difference in the world than you might have imagined.

At, we invite you to move beyond the limitations of oral storytelling and reach a wider audience. How? By broadening your reputation as a consummate storyteller through the printed word and audiobooks. You’ll end up with products you can give to friends and family or sell on your website, at storytelling events, and more. And if you have a business, we help you learn to use animal and pet stories to make people roll over, sit up, and beg for more!

Enjoy your journey through the site!


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