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Chiwah and Precious is devoted to helping owners of small businesses learn how to cash in on their businesses by adopting an entrepreneur mindset, planning strategically, writing an authoritative book, and using stories based in their own passion and mission to create irresistible emotional rapport with their prospects and customers or clients.

If you’re a pet lover, you ‘re in luck. Why? Because whether or not they have a pet of their own, most people have a soft spot in their heart for animals.

But – Are Pet Stories the Only Way? Absolutely NOT!

Stories about anything you feel strongly about will bring you an audience that cares. And best of all, they care about what YOU care about!

Rest assured, you do NOT need to have a pet-related business to do this. Any business can benefit from a pet’s capacity to open hearts.

Think of some of the businesses you have seen bring animals into their promotions — businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with pet products or services.

• One that only seniors will recall is RCA Victor. In the ’50s and ’60s, every RCA promotion had a statue or a pictureRCA Victor Logo with Nipper the Dog Chiwah of Nipper, a dog that had belonged to the English painter Francis Barraud.

That picture, originally titled Dog Looking At and Listening to a Phonograph, became one of the best known trademarks in the world. First trademarked in the U.S. in 1900, its popularity spanned well over half a century and two continents; it was used as the “His Master’s Voice” logo in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, and Turkey.

What did RCA Victor have to do with dogs? Nothing. But the image conveyed a message everyone could relate to.

• Another well known company that has introduced a pet-type animals in their branding over the years is Anheuser-Busch. First, there were the Busch Clydesdales. Then came the Olympia bear. And in 1987, Spuds MacKenzie, the company billed a 50-pound English Bull Terrier as “The Original Party Animal.” Over the years, they have featured the Clydesdales in theirSuper Bowl commercials.

• In 1987, Aflac Insurance introduced a duck in its marketing. The duck is now enshrined on Madison Avenue’s Walk of Fame as one of America’s Favorite Advertising Icons.

• Do you remember the Taco Bell Chihuahua? Actually a female Chihuahua, this one passed away in 2009.

• And who could forget the Geico Gecko? Cute! Stylized, of course. And not too many of us keep Geckos as pets.

The point is, none of these animals has any intrinsic relationship to the product or services provided by the companies that made them popular icons. But they have done wonders to boost the companies’ popularity.

If you have a pet you love, it is highly likely that bringing him or her into your marketing will help you broaden and stabilize your customer base. And no, you don’t have to turn your pet into a cartoon character to accomplish this. Pets are heart stealers in their own natural right.

Telling your pet stories allows you to express the pet lover side of your life in your business, thereby making it easy for your customers and clients to feel like they know you. Of course, you need to know how do it without having it look contrived or hokey. No worry—it’s all covered in the Pet Writes ‘Ambassadorizing Your Pet’ program.

(For you bottom-line thinkers, there is of course the added advantage of turning all of your pet expenses into tax write-offs!)

Stay tuned to this site for engaging stories on how others are succeeding by bringing their pets into their marketing mix. To get a taste of what is in store for you as a Pet Writes member, take advantage of the 7-Day Trial of the Pet Writes Business M.A.G.I.C. Program. 

There is a difference only YOU can make, one that will prosper you and countless others. The time is NOW.