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1. The correct answer is e – The best dog foods have all of these: high protein content, organic ingredients, specific meats mentioned on label, and a balance of fruits and vegetables.

2. The correct answer is e – Every pup should nurse at least 24 hours, but most experts agree that an ideal time to wean a pup is around 8 weeks.

3. The correct answer is a – Dogs weaned too early are often “mouthy,” tending to lick a lot and chew household items. Dyspepsia, allergies, and lactose intolerance are generally unrelated to time of weaning.

4. The correct answer is d – Because puppies expend much more energy than adult dogs, most brands of dog food will fortify puppy foods with extra protein.

For more information on making sure your pup is getting all the nutrients he needs, read chapter 2 in Doggie Eats.

5. The correct answer is e – A poor diet can lead to all of these conditions: bad breath, infections and allergies, diabetes, and cancer.

6. The correct answer is b – Because your dog’s digestive system will have to adjust to the new food, it is a good idea to ease into the change. While a pup should eat three times a day, adult dogs are fine with two feedings.

If your dog doesn’t finish a meal, don’t leave it out, especially if it’s raw food. But even with canned food or kibble, putting the food away will let the dog know she needs to finish her meal within a reasonable time frame.

7. The correct answer is e – It is not good to feed your dog from the table. Period.

8. The correct answer is c – The most important factor in feeding raw is hygiene, as raw food quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria when thawed. Yes, any dietary change may give your dog diarrhea, but it’s just as likely to lead to constipation. And yes, a balance of fruits and vegetables is important.

But no matter what is in the raw food, a bacterial infestation is likely to make your dog sick. Always thaw frozen food in the refrigerator, use it the day it is thawed, and wash your dog’s bowl before feeding.

For more information on feeding raw, read chapter 5 in Doggie Eats.

9. The correct answer is e – Older dogs are less active, and so need fewer calories. Their digestive systems may be more sluggish, so they need more fiber and water; they are often easily dehydrated. Older kidneys can be less efficient, leading to fluid retention, and hence a need for a diet lower in sodium.

10. The correct answer is f – To be compliant with the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) pet food rules now in force in many U.S. states, Lamb Dog Food and Chicken ‘n’ Rice for Dogs must contain 95% lamb by volume. Potatoes with Beef may contain as little as 3% beef. Beef ‘n’ Liver Entree and Beef Dinner for Dogs may be only 25% meat by volume.

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