Two Simple Keys to Success:Successful Marketing Wheel

1) Find out what works

2) Model after it


The key to launching a successful marketing campaign

is a good understanding of what is already working.


Most marketing consultants try to reinvent the wheel.

They tell you,

“Let’s do something no one else has done before.”


I’m here to tell you,

“There’s nothing wrong with the wheel.”

So why change anything?


Your wheel can be painted a different color.

You can dress it up nicely.

You may even put different TIRES on your wheel.

But at the end of the day, you still have the same wheel.


Marketing works the same way. 

What works for one business in your industry

works for another business in your industry. 


The shortest path to additional revenue is the road already traveled.


This approach significantly reduces your sales cycle,

thus leading to profits much faster. 


What used to be months is now just days or weeks.


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