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Precious Welcomes You!Meet our dog, Precious. She’s just an ordinary dog. No special breed, no special talents. But wherever I take her, people stop to pet her. The other day, a busy business executive stopped us on the street to say hello to her.

It happens all the time. She can’t help it. She opens people up.

Think of the times people have stopped to chat with you while you were out walking your dog, or how visitors to your home fall in love with your cat or bird or fish — whatever pets you have.

Most animals seem to have a special talent for opening human hearts.

And when hearts open up, pocketbooks open, too.

The major corporations know this. That’s why Anheuser Busch makes such a big deal about their Clydesdales. It’s why Taco Bell decided to introduce the Chihuahua.

If big corporations use pets in their branding, why not you?

You don’t have to be in a pet-related businesses to let your favorite pet stories enhance your success. After all, what do horses have to do with beer? Or a Chihuahua with tacos (Taco Bell)? Or a dog with music (RCA Victor)?

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Your pet stories will win you clients who want everything you have to offer, clients who bring you their friends and their friends’ friends, too.

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And as you build a more profitable business, you will be leaving a legacy for generations to come.

In the company of other entrepreneurs, you will learn time-tested secrets and the latest innovative strategies for using your pet stories – and your book, if you step up to the challenge of becoming a published author – to further your specific personal and business goals.

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Build your business in a way that keeps them coming back for more – and telling their friends about you – even as they enjoy the fruits of their engagement with you

Author a book for your business (even without writing it, if that’s your preference) that will set you apart as an authority

Cash in on a variety of income streams and your own system of products or programs, from low-end to high-ticket, that lead easily and naturally one to the next.

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