Exploring Strategic Alternatives …



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** You’ll get more out of this than you would hiring a marketing coach! **

The First Step

in exploring strategic alternatives

is Branding Your Business.


Elizabeth didn’t know that.

She thought her first step should be networking and promotion.

Sure, she got some clients that way.

But not many.

And it frustrated her that they rarely sent her referrals.


The question you should be asking is is …

How can you brand your business

to appeal to your ideal clients?


Think: Apple! … Think: Branding.

Apple customers are avid, raving, committed fans.


Think: Harley Davidson! Think: Branding.

Harley Davidson is the ONLY brand for

bikers of a particular stripe.


Even if you’re not planning to compete at that level,

unless your business brings you the right clients,

it will never soar.

Sure, you can let it drag along, year after year.

But is that what you want?


Money Brand®

is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to attracting …

• More Clients

• Better Clients

• Greater Satisfaction

• Bigger Profits.



By showing you how to think …

and act …

like Apple and Harley!


Meet Eric Stafford:

The Money Brand, Erik Stafford

Eric is a warm, caring professional

with a solid advertising agency background

who has been exploring strategic alternatives for years.

Eric has put together a powerful, doable program

that offers real, proven solutions.

He shows you exactly, step by step, how to master

Branding …

like Apple and Harley Davidson!


But hold on a minute …

though Branding your business

to attract your ideal client is important,

is only part of what makes a business successful.


So … to make sure you have all the pieces …

as soon as you get your receipt for

The Money Brand,

email a copy to PetWrites@gmail.com

to secure your FREE membership in

the Pet Writes Community!

(Write that address down and stash it where you’ll know where to find it!)

THE place for

Pet Lover Entrepreneurs!

Once you’re a Pet Writes member, keep your eyes open for

invitations to webinars, audio and video podcasts,

workshops, all packed with secrets on how to

serve your clients better as you expand your income, using …

 the M.A.G.I.C. formula:

M – Mindset: Adopting an entrepreneur mindset – to assure that everything you do moves your business (and your life) in the right direction – forward!

A – ‘Ambassadorizing’ Your Pet – to Creating irresistible emotional bonding with your prospects and client!

G – Growing Strategically – Step by step, with each step empowering the next, to assure that you reach your goals automagically!

I – Indie Author – The very best way to author a book for your clients that sets you up as the ‘go-to person’ in your field!

C – Cashing In! – The amazing secrets of how to use all those online and offline venues to expand your reach … and your profit!

 NOW …

CLICK HERE to go to Erik Stafford’s ‘The Money Brand’ offer. Erik’s a good guy. He gives you a chance to experience a sample module before purchasing.

The Money Brand is a ‘marketing coach’ you don’t have to keep paying!

(How’s that for exploring strategic alternatives?)